mobile application designed to combat counterfeiting


About Zopefy

Zopefy is a mobile application designed to combat counterfeiting. We offer an integrated IT solution to counterfeiting at an affordable price. Zopefy has established itself in the industry as an up and coming software.

Counterfeits give an awful experience to customers as they offer poor quality products. This leaves a lasting negative impression due to which the customers never return to the original brand. Zopefy makes spotting a counterfeit easy. All you need to do is scan the product on your smartphone. Our solution has made verification a piece of cake. The application is aimed at fighting illicit trade and building brand trust among consumers.

We provide an opportunity for brand engagement between businesses and their customers. We also offer value-added services for brand promotion. A good and popular brand is known for its quality products, service satisfaction, and loyal

How does Zopefy work

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Downloading the App

Zopefy is available on app stores free of cost. All you need to do is download the app and get right to it and download it.

Brand and Product Search

You get to search and select the name of the product and brand to check if it is genuine or fake. All brands on the platform are 100% authentic.

Scan the product

Chere's nothing left to do, just a quick scan of the product's QR code. You can do this by using the scanner in the app.


Zopefy will check brand databases and tell you if your product is an original or a fake.

Benefits of using a counterfeiting app


Manufacturers / Brands

  • Builds trust with consumers- Your audience will know exactly which product belongs to your brand and ultimately strengthen their trust in your products.
  • Increases brand reputation- If you use a counterfeiting app, it will allow you to raise awareness among your customers about any counterfeits in the market.
  • Prevents brand and product counterfeiting- It will allow you to keep an eye out of any counterfeit products which resemble your brand.
  • Helps identify counterfeit products at all levels in the supply chain- Regardless of whether you supply your products in wholesale or retail, the app will enable you to identify counterfeit products at all levels.
  • Creates a loyal customer base- When your customers trust your products and authenticity, they immediately convert to loyal customer base. This helps you earn higher revenues.
  • Extends offers and discounts to customers- Through the counterfeiting apps, you can also extend offers and special discounts to your loyal customers. It gives you a reward system platform.
  • QR code generation with Zopefy- With Zopefy, you can generate a unique QR code for your products with little to no hassle
  • API based QR code verification- Based on the QR code on the product, both you and your customers can verify the authenticity of the product.
  • Manages multiple brands on a single platform- Zopefy manages various brands from different domains on a single platform, and hence makes the management altogether easier for you.
  • Creates a communication channel between the brand and the customer- Through the counterfeiting app, you can communicate and raise awareness about any potential counterfeits of your brand in the market. This builds trust and loyalty and allows your customers to stay informed at all times.
  • Lets you customize the size, design, and logo of the QR code- Zopefy allows you to customize the QR code designs, logo and size to match your product label perfectly.
  • Provides analytical facilities- The counterfeit app allows you to keep a check on various analytical data such as number of counterfeits identified in the market, audience impressions etc.
  • Engages interested buyers- If any potential customer is interested in your product and is able to verify it through the application, then they may be interested in purchasing your product. Additionally, through the app, you can engage new customers through offers and discounts.


  • Verifies product's originality- As a customer, you can verify the authenticity in a convenient manner.
  • Receive offers from brands- By using the app, you can avail special offers from all the brands on the platform that you are interested in.
  • Makes communication easier by providing contact details- You can communicate with the brand regarding any counterfeit products that you have spotted and to know more about the brand.